Let’s sing Christmas in Rome

MOnce upon a time was my Irish friend’s wedding in Rome… We are in April 2019. I am alone walking towards Piazza Navona, when a facade suddenly catches my attention. I step back, I get in, I avoid the crowd, I see the organ. Immediately a concert project is born. I am in…. San Luigi dei…. Francesi! 🙂

Two and a half years later, I am therefore delighted to invite you to a Christmas Singalong at

San Luigi dei Francesi
Saturday 27 November 2021
at 5:00 pm
Free participation to expenses

As a good expat, I import the anglo-saxon tradition of singalongs in Italy but also the French tradition of free concerts with a free participation to expenses. As you know, I am attached to giving free access to music 🙂

Special thanks to Enzo Iorio for the beautiful photographies and to the Paris boutique of Flamant for its gorgeous Christmas trees.

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