Ave Maria sing-along concert

So happy to be back in touch with 2 beautiful projects this week 🙂
– 12 August in Lescure with a 100% Ave Maria concert at 8:30 pm
– 16 August in St-Flour’s cathedral with a daring programme with organ at 8 pm

This coming Wednesday, 12 August 2020 at 8:30 pm, you’re invited to join in a brand new project! A sing-along programme with plenty of surprises, from scenography, lights, etc.

Notre-Dame de Lescure
12 August 2020
8:30 pm
With your mask!
Free participation to the concert expenses

Marie-Helene Cussac au pied de la Croix des Apparitions à Lescure dans le Cantal
Marie-Helene Cussac by the Apparitions Cross in Lescure, Cantal, France

Marie-Helene Cussac au pied de la croix de Lescure Affiche du concert Ave Maria à Lescure