A bright 2023

Marie-Helene Cussac soprano happy new year 2023

Dear friends, isn’t it all about how we choose to look at life? I enjoyed wearing that mask and thought about that question. On this last January day, I still have a few minutes to wish you a bright 2023 and plenty of music in your life.
After my first Opera Garnier last October, who knows what 2023 may unveil 😉


Christmas singalong by candlelight

marie-helene cussac soprano concert de noelHere we are, December popped by even sooner than usual… As promised (to myself) I will sing the Advent concert I sang in San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome last 27 November 2021, at home 🙂

It will be in Cantal, my native mountains to which I am so dearly attached. It will be in the mountains indeed, as I picked the Church of our Lady of Lescure (15300), our local “Lourdes”.

I look forward to a warm Christmas atmosphere so this will be a 100% candlelight concert, a singalong, and I will invite you to share some tea, mulled wine and sweet treats after the singing.

For children to join & enjoy the Party, the concert is at 5:00 pm.

Looking forward to catching up, in boots, hats and scarves(!)
at the Lescure church (15300)
on Wednesday 21 December 2022
at 5:00 pm
Free participation to expenses
with your mug for the after-concert party 😉

Eat P(l)ay Love

Dear friends,

with months going by facing our new life, we have come to realise how big a role those daily “petits bonheurs” play.
I thus cannot resist the reference to the 2010 movie 🙂

Let’s enjoy life whatever the context imposed to us and when in need,
let music be your sunshine.

Looking forward to unveiling great projects,

Yours ever,


Let’s sing Christmas in Rome

MOnce upon a time was my Irish friend’s wedding in Rome… We are in April 2019. I am alone walking towards Piazza Navona, when a facade suddenly catches my attention. I step back, I get in, I avoid the crowd, I see the organ. Immediately a concert project is born. I am in…. San Luigi dei…. Francesi! 🙂

Two and a half years later, I am therefore delighted to invite you to a Christmas Singalong at

San Luigi dei Francesi
Saturday 27 November 2021
at 5:00 pm
Free participation to expenses

As a good expat, I import the anglo-saxon tradition of singalongs in Italy but also the French tradition of free concerts with a free participation to expenses. As you know, I am attached to giving free access to music 🙂

Special thanks to Enzo Iorio for the beautiful photographies and to the Paris boutique of Flamant for its gorgeous Christmas trees.

Murat murmured…

An old saying goes that Un jour un mur mura Murat and Murat murmura… (murmured). So indeed on the night of October 30th, eve of Halloween… the organs and myself murmured some notes of fear and joy 😉 Nicolas and I were indeed delighted to have you embark on a journey “From fear to joy” in Murat’s Notre-Dame des Oliviers (in Cantal).

The word about the concert spread at the speed of light on social media (thanks a lot to Nathalie, Cathy, Marie-Noëlle, Lyne, i tutti amici who relay the info) yet I was away from my laptop, hence this late article.

Thank you all for this very warm welcome. Truth be told, I ended up being too warm in my St. Petersburg-like dress!

If you haven’t yet read it, please find here our portrait with Nicolas in the Oct. 29th edition of the Réveil cantalien (thank you Stéphane Briant for the 2-hour interview).


From fear to joy

Marie-Helene Cussac concert soprano et orgue 13 aout 2021Hello dear friends,

let’s meet next Friday 13 (ha!) August for a lovely time on the theme “From fear to… joy!” Among Covid and all uncertainties we have been facing these past months, rollercoasters of lockdowns et al., that is a theme that will speak to all of us 🙂

To be joyful, let’s meet indeed for our annual catch-up in Saint-Flour:

  • Saint-Pierre Cathedral
  • 13 August 2021
  • 8:00pm sharp
  • Free participation
  • Entrance by the lateral door facing the Tourist Office
  • Respect of sanitary rules compulsory (pass, PCR test)

Since last April, I have been working on a programme full of musical – and non-musical – surprises (Friday 13th 😉 )

Haendel, Purcell, Schubert, Fauré, Nat K. Cole, Kurt Weill… VOILA!


On this January 34th…

About a year that we’re going through Groundhog Day so on this January 34th, 2021 I am delighted to send you my best wishes for this new year!

Music has been key to putting up with the latest challenges and I wish you plenty more to keep rocking.

Most sincerely yours,


Marie-Helene Cussac Best Wishes 2021