The spell of Melpomene…

Marie-Helene Cussac is singing at the European Parliament, Nov 2008
Singing at the European Parliament for the College of Europe Alumni Awards ceremony, Nov. 2008

Following her piano studies at the National Conservatory of Music of Clermont-Ferrand, France (1994-2000), Marie-Hélène Cussac trained in choral conducting and voice studies at the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, Florida Atlantic University, USA (2000-2001) with Dr Patricia Fleitas. There she also was piano accompanist to Dr Eric Thomas’s voice studio, occasionally playing for the College symphonic orchestra.

She then continued vocal training at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium (2006-2008) with Ludovic de San et Marianne Pousseur.

Besides participation in numerous choral performances in Europe and the US, Marie-Hélène had the chance to sing as a soloist in prestigious venues such as the cathedrals of Bruges, B and Gdansk Oliwa, PL, and the Papal Basilica of Saint-Peter in Rome. In the spring 2008, she took part in her first opera performance with the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in L’Enfant et les Sortilèges (Ravel) with Marianne Pousseur and Enrico Bagnoli.

In 2009-2010, Marie-Hélène was invited to conduct the choir of the La Cambre abbaye in Brussels; there she occasionally performed as a soloist. While living in Brussels, she also performed at the Eglise protestante de Bruxelles.

Now based between Paris & Cannes, Marie-Hélène occasionally sings at Saint-Lambert de Vaugirard in Paris, St. Peter’s Cathedral in Saint-Flour, and in Antibes’s Cathedral on the Riviera. She teaches voice and piano and gives conferences.

Besides voice and the piano, Marie-Hélène plays the clarinet. She indeed considered essential to learn a second instrument and discover orchestra practice.

Sing to better communicate

Lately, Marie-Hélène has been developing a specific training putting forward the use of vocal techniques used by singers with the purpose of enhancing communication skills. Voice is indeed key to message conveying and successful reception by its target.


Book icon image d'un livre

Encouraged by her friends and colleagues in communications, Marie-Hélène wrote a guide on how to use vocal techniques usually reserved to classical singers when facing com’ challenges.

Sing to better communicate to be published soon!


more information on seminars on Public Speaking, Leadership, & Creativity management on creativity.mariehelenecussac.eu

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