What a night!

marie-helene cussac et nicolas sauniere face au public du concert à Saint-Flour du 16 aout 202016 August 2020 in St. Flour cathedral will definitely go down memory lane. Close to 300 of you in the cathedral was quite a suprise in these Covid times. How brave of you! Thank you very much indeed for that unforgettable night. From Bach to Gershwin (Summertime indeed) via opera arias by Verdi (Otello‘s Ave Maria) and St. Saëns (Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix), I had a great time entertaining you.

I would like to particularly thank those of you who come and see me at the end of the concert, or stop me days later on the street to confide their deepest emotions. One of you even managed to make me cry, I have to confess. Yet those were tears of gratefulness for I am touched that I manage to share strong emotions and that you have the courage to come and tell me.

Special thanks again to Chanoine Philippe Boyer who so kindly opened the doors of the Cathedral despite such troubled Covid times. MERCI 🙂

marie-helene cussac chantant à la tribune de l'orgue de la cathedrale de Saint-Flour le 16 aout 2020Marie-Hélène Cussac Affiche du CONCERT L'amour, la vie, la foi, Saint-Flour le 16 août 2020