Candles or stars?

Marie-Helene Cussac Soprano Concert by CandlelightWithin this grey January, white with snow in my Cantal home, thinking back to the candles of last 21 December concert with its heartwarming atmostphere and all of you singing warms up my Parisian day.

I come to realise that I have not yet published the pictures of that fabulous late afternoon by candlelight with mulled wine and hot cider; sorry; here they are!

That Christmas singalong was at 5pm to enjoy the dark while allowing getting home not too late in our mountains. Yet I had forgotten about milking… I, countrygirl, forgetting about our cows. Our farmers were there anyway, taking part as always. They had started milking ahead of schedule, taken a break for a concert, back at it later, heads & hearts full of music.

Our countryside magic, once again.
And I, very moved, once again.

Dolce Vita concert

Marie-Helene Cussac concert bel canto saint-flour 2022Here we are, August is here already and so is our annual meeting in Saint-Flour (Cantal). This year however, it will be able to “see” each other again, yes! No specific C* restrictions and the freedom to catch-up. That feels good.

When choosing the theme of this year’s concert, I was – as always – reflecting on the past year and what had come round the corner. While we could feel better re Covid, the war in Ukraine broke out, as if one wasn’t left with a moment to breathe. Yet I thought of life, the precious little pleasures of our daily routines. And I wished to say, yes, life is – also – beautiful. So “dolce vita” popped up in my mind and I immediately decided that that would be it for our 2022 concert at home.

For Fellini’s fans knowing the 1960 Dolce Vita movie, sure the image people bare in mind today is quite at odds with the dark underlying background of the movie. “Dolce vita” today calls for images of sun, sea, farniente, friendship and love, enjoying l-i-f-e. Which is the message I wished to share this year.

Musically, I also felt like going back to bel canto.  So welcome back to some Puccini, Catalani, i tutti 🙂 The Italian language will be “à l’honneur”.

See you then on August 9th, at 8:30pm in our St-Flour cathedral for a lovely catch-up. Andiamo!

Tribute to Notre Dame

Dear friends,

today is two years that Notre-Dame dramatically underwent that huge fire and I wished to share with you, today, my emotion and prayer to Our Lady.

I therefore share a few Ave Marias (Franck, Cherubini, Caccini) with you today.

Ave Maria, Giulio Caccini
Ave Maria, César Franck
 Ave Maria, Luigi Cherubini



Christmas Singalong

Now let’s meet in my beloved Cantal to sing… together 🙂

Christmas arias and other Christmas traditional tunes to sing together.

Villedieu church (Saint-Flour)
22 December 2020, 5:00 pm
with… your masks
Free contribution to costs

Marie-Hélène Cussac concert de Noël 2020 Christmas carols singalong

Ave Maria sing-along concert

So happy to be back in touch with 2 beautiful projects this week 🙂
– 12 August in Lescure with a 100% Ave Maria concert at 8:30 pm
– 16 August in St-Flour’s cathedral with a daring programme with organ at 8 pm

This coming Wednesday, 12 August 2020 at 8:30 pm, you’re invited to join in a brand new project! A sing-along programme with plenty of surprises, from scenography, lights, etc.

Notre-Dame de Lescure
12 August 2020
8:30 pm
With your mask!
Free participation to the concert expenses

Marie-Helene Cussac au pied de la Croix des Apparitions à Lescure dans le Cantal
Marie-Helene Cussac by the Apparitions Cross in Lescure, Cantal, France

Marie-Helene Cussac au pied de la croix de Lescure Affiche du concert Ave Maria à Lescure