Christmas singalong by candlelight

marie-helene cussac soprano concert de noelHere we are, December popped by even sooner than usual… As promised (to myself) I will sing the Advent concert I sang in San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome last 27 November 2021, at home 🙂

It will be in Cantal, my native mountains to which I am so dearly attached. It will be in the mountains indeed, as I picked the Church of our Lady of Lescure (15300), our local “Lourdes”.

I look forward to a warm Christmas atmosphere so this will be a 100% candlelight concert, a singalong, and I will invite you to share some tea, mulled wine and sweet treats after the singing.

For children to join & enjoy the Party, the concert is at 5:00 pm.

Looking forward to catching up, in boots, hats and scarves(!)
at the Lescure church (15300)
on Wednesday 21 December 2022
at 5:00 pm
Free participation to expenses
with your mug for the after-concert party 😉

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