Candles or stars?

Marie-Helene Cussac Soprano Concert by CandlelightWithin this grey January, white with snow in my Cantal home, thinking back to the candles of last 21 December concert with its heartwarming atmostphere and all of you singing warms up my Parisian day.

I come to realise that I have not yet published the pictures of that fabulous late afternoon by candlelight with mulled wine and hot cider; sorry; here they are!

That Christmas singalong was at 5pm to enjoy the dark while allowing getting home not too late in our mountains. Yet I had forgotten about milking… I, countrygirl, forgetting about our cows. Our farmers were there anyway, taking part as always. They had started milking ahead of schedule, taken a break for a concert, back at it later, heads & hearts full of music.

Our countryside magic, once again.
And I, very moved, once again.

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