Murat murmured…

An old saying goes that Un jour un mur mura Murat and Murat murmura… (murmured). So indeed on the night of October 30th, eve of Halloween… the organs and myself murmured some notes of fear and joy 😉 Nicolas and I were indeed delighted to have you embark on a journey “From fear to joy” in Murat’s Notre-Dame des Oliviers (in Cantal).

The word about the concert spread at the speed of light on social media (thanks a lot to Nathalie, Cathy, Marie-Noëlle, Lyne, i tutti amici who relay the info) yet I was away from my laptop, hence this late article.

Thank you all for this very warm welcome. Truth be told, I ended up being too warm in my St. Petersburg-like dress!

If you haven’t yet read it, please find here our portrait with Nicolas in the Oct. 29th edition of the Réveil cantalien (thank you Stéphane Briant for the 2-hour interview).


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