La Vie en Fleur

Hello dearest public from St-Flour and my mountains, and dear faithful August holiday-makers 🙂

Marie-Helene Cussac soprano la vie en fleur

Our annual gathering in Saint-Flour’s Cathedral is scheduled for Aug. 16th at 8:30pm.

Cathédrale de Saint-Flour
16 August 2023
8:30 pm

I can’t wait to catch up… especially that this year we’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary! 2013-2023, ten years I have been maintaining this very French tradition of a concert “au chapeau”, meaning that there is no paying ticket to join, so each and everyone feels welcome and free to pop by and listen, and why not get swept off one’s feet by music.

This year, the theme of the concert imposed itself quite early. I feel I may well have been holding it in for a while. A hymn to Nature. The nature that I so much love here in my home mountains of Cantal (France), facing our numerous dying fur trees, facing our Narse (Natura 2000 vast humid zone) under threat of being dried out for business interests while the whole world is looking out for water. I feel our responsibility is to help Nature face the challenges our civilization has imposed onto her. So one must have faith in humanity.

That is the message of hope I’ll be singing, along the lines of La Vie en Fleur, a novel by 19th century French writer Anatole France, echoing what I so much support: Access to art as of childhood.

Marie-Helene Cussac soprano concert chant et orgue cathedrale de saint-flour la vie en fleur

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